Fees & Services:

  • My forgery detection fee is $450, which includes a letter of opinion. The fee will increase a small amount for each additional document in question.
  • The fee for anonymous handwriting cases will depend on the number of suspects, and the amount of the questioned material.
  • Depositions and Court Appearances: Please contact me for a fee schedule and my CV. The retainer is paid once the court date is set. I am willing and able to travel outside of the Las Vegas area for trial testimony, and I also have access to a local Video-Conferencing facility.
  • Trial Consulting: Hourly Rate.


  • Call or E-mail me regarding your case. I strive to answer my calls personally and promptly during business hours.
  • The documents that are necessary are those which contain the handwriting in question, and several genuine handwriting samples on public documents to be used for comparison.
  • Specific requirements will be discussed during our initial phone consultation.
  • If the original documents are unavailable, good quality copies are acceptable.


  • You may send the documents via E-mail, FedEx, UPS, or U.S. Mail. I do not work with documents that are sent to me via fax.
  • Payment methods: PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Cashier’s Checks, Bank Money Orders and Postal Money Orders. Personal checks and Western Union Money Orders are not accepted.
  • Payments are made prior to the analysis.
  • For most cases, my completion time is 3 business days or less.

Letter of Opinion:

  • The letter of opinion will be E-mailed upon completion, and a signed hard copy will follow in the mail, upon request. All original documents will be returned to you promptly.
  • The letter of Opinion will include a list of the documents submitted, my opinion, enlargements of the questioned handwriting and known handwriting, my CV, and the ASTM Standard Guide for Expressing Opinions.

I offer the following classes in-person or on-line via Fuze Meeting.

  • Beginning Forgery Detection-2 Hours. This course is recommended for employees of financial institutions or business owners.
  • Forensic Document Examination as a Career-1 Hour. This course is recommended for High School and College students.
  • Determining the Authorship of Questioned Handwriting: 3 Hours. This course is recommended for forensic students and law enforcement.
  • How To Protect Your Signature and Prevent Identity Theft: 1 Hour. This course is recommended for the general public.

Please call for more information on classes and fees. All presentations can be adapted to suit the audience.