Fees & Services


Document examination: Suspected forgeries, altered documents, anonymous handwriting identification, and deciphering obliterated or illegible handwriting.

Court Services: Depositions, trial testimony, and trial consulting.


The fee will depend on the length and complexity of the job. If you contact me with a short description of your case, I will reply with a fast quote. My fees are fair, so don’t hesitate. I screen the sales calls, so please leave a voicemail.

I have a standard rate for court appearances and depositions. The testimony fee is due in advance, but I don’t charge until the court date is set. My letter of opinion usually resolves cases outside of litigation. Travel fees apply if I hit the road or sky. Online testimony is an option. I charge an hourly rate for trial consulting, which may also include a trip.


I will need the document(s) in question, and genuine comparison samples. I like to use a group of comparable samples that are on prior public documents. Most clients e-mail me the documents, but you can also use Fed-Ex. If you don’t have original documents, I can use scans of quality copies.

Payment methods: PayPal or company check. If you want to use PayPal I will e-mail you a link for the payment. I don’t post the links on this site.

Turnaround time: The typical number of days for document examination is 7 business days, including the letter of opinion. The letter of opinion is 10-15 pages, and I use the formal court accepted format.