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Welcome to Expert Handwriting Analysis. As an independent document examiner, I work with private citizens, attorneys, and law enforcement agencies. Most of my cases involve suspected forgeries and anonymous handwriting identification. As a professional expert witness, my appearances include Federal, State, and Civil cases; both defense and prosecution. I hope to hear from you after you browse my site.

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Examples of Cases

  • Signature Forgery
  • Identity Theft
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Wills & Deeds
  • Anonymous Letters
  • Embezzlement
  • Altered Documents
  • Digital Forgeries
  • Copy and Paste Forgeries
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Check Fraud
  • Divorce Disputes
  • Immigration Papers
  • Medical Records
  • Suicide Notes
  • Holographic Wills
  • Robbery Notes
  • Sales Contracts
  • Court Records
  • Deciphering Illegible Handwriting
  • Death Threats
  • Signature Authentication

Education and Training:

I have a bachelor’s degree from the University of Montana, and two years of training as a Questioned Document Examiner.  I’m certified in Forensic Law as a trial consultant and have supplemental Expert Witness Training. In 2020, I completed a Forensic Linguistics certification course, and have training in advance interviewing techniques. Potential clients may request my CV via email.

Body of Work:

Since 2008, I have rendered opinions on more than 1,200 cases. I’ve been honored to assist the U.S. Army in Europe, and numerous law firms throughout the United States. Most of my cases come in from Nevada, California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, and New York. I have testified overseas in Trinidad, and resolved many cases outside the U.S. I have trained police detectives in criminal forgery detection and anonymous threat identification.


Forensic Document Examination:  The examination includes a letter of opinion, or verbal opinion first. My turnaround time is usually seven business days or less.

Languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Hmong.

Court Services: Depositions, expert witness testimony, and trial consulting.

Fees:  The fee for the document examination will depend on the size and complexity of the job. If you contact me with a short description of your case, I will reply with a quote.

I have a standard rate for court appearances and depositions. Travel fees apply outside of Las Vegas, NV. All litigation services are offered online or in person.

Ordering: To begin, I will need the document(s) in question, and genuine comparison samples. I use a group of exemplars that are on various public documents. Most clients e-mail me the high-resolution scans if the originals are unavailable.

Payment methods: Zelle, PayPal, or company check.


  • On the witness stand, Brenda Anderson is focused, persuasive, knowledgeable, and credible. She delivered testimony on cross-examination that was even handed, yet piercing to the opponent’s case. When you are looking for a questioned document examiner who won’t buckle under pressure, Ms. Anderson is an excellent choice!
    Mark A. Rogers, Attorney at Law Corporate Center, Pasadena, CA
  • I am writing to inform you that I used the services of Brenda Anderson. The case was involving a form that was filled out and sent to the US State Department. She was very professional and took an extreme interest in my case. Her dedication and professionalism is very rare and she should be commended. She was extremely thorough, and was able to identify the suspect who committed the forgery.
    Michael DiGiorgio, Chief of Police, Franklin Police Dept. Gloucester County, NJ
  • She was one of the best ones (expert witnesses) I have ever seen. She was really good.
    From court transcript in the Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles
    Honorable William D. Stewart, Judge Los Angeles, CA
  • Brenda Anderson proves the facts. She was quick but thorough, smart but streetwise, ladylike but firm. I'd take her work with me anywhere, including the Supreme Court.
    Michael J. Zpezak, Attorney at Law St. Louis, MO